Bruno's Tuckpointing Institutional Services

Institutional Tuckpointing Services

Preserve the Integrity of Your Brick or Stone Building with Bruno’s Tuckpointing Masonry Repair and Restoration Services

Your organization’s brick or stone building is an extension of your organization’s identity. Because many of these structures have a rich historical past it is important to have them regularly maintained to ensure that the strength of the building is not compromised. When your building is showing signs of disrepair, it’s important to turn to an expert mason.

Bruno’s Tuckpointing has had the privilege of consulting with and providing service to a variety of institutions including the Art Institute of Chicago, The University of Chicago and Anshe Emet Synagogue. We are dedicated to

  • Restoring Brick and Stone Structures to Their Original Condition
  • Preserving the Integrity of Historical Buildings
  • Improving the Safety and Strength of Older Structures

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